Friday, 2 February 2018

Hello 2018!

Well, it's been a little while hasn't it?!
Sorry for the quietness over here on the blog, but i'm back and happy 2018! (I'm not sure how long you are aloud to still say that for!)

I've seen a lot of posts going around about new year resolutions and have a fresh start for a new year, taking on new hobbies and jobs, but I thought i'd take this blog post to recap what happened last year and what I am looking forward to for 2018!

To be honest, 2017 wasn't a favourite year of mine, my health played a big part towards that, but there were a few things that made me happy. At the very end (a few days before Christmas!) of 2016, I moved in with my long-distance boyfriend of 9 years and I got to live with him for the first time. All the food shops and watching Netflix all seemed very exciting when its something you've been thinking about for so long. We learnt how to live together, how to tolerate each other (!), how to get into a routine and also put up with weird things we both do! This year will be the second in our lovely flat in Surrey and it really feels like home. This is also the second year being used to living in Surrey, somewhere we have never lived before (I lived in London before this) so getting used to a new town and a commute was exciting. I like having the escape from a crazy city and being 5 minutes drive from rolling hills and cute country pubs. I also like commuting giving me time to read more and bring able to actually save some money from not paying London rent prices!

I also got to work at some different places/companies (I'm a freelancer for those that don't know) expanding my portfolio and experience and meeting some gals that I hope will now be friends for life! I think its hard when you are older to make new friends, so I'm grateful I made a work family recently and that I still see now that I have left that job. The work I completed this year allowed me to get better projects and a promotion for my next role which I am proud of myself for.

I also had an amazing holiday this year, travelling through a bit of Southern Europe. I was never keen on Europe as a 'main' holiday destination as I have always thought of it as being 'somewhere to travel when I'm older' - because it's so close to travel from the UK and a bit cheaper for flights to heading further afield, but backpacking through it for a few weeks really allowed me to explore some different places and almost feel like I was travelling again.

Speaking of holidays and switching my thoughts to what I am looking forward to this year, I am excited to travel lots! I have a few places planned, a few weekends away, a wedding abroad and I want to plan to go away for more mini breaks over long weekends, even if its within the UK. I feel like there are lots of cute towns just a short drive away for me to explore and discover even more cosy cute pubs!

This year I also want to work on my health. I think I say this every year, but I'm going to try and start again - eating healthy, excising more and taking time out for my mental health. Mental health is important for everyones wellbeing and I feel that it is being talked about more recently which I think is amazing. Just talking to someone or taking time out for yourself is vital to get everything level and feel better and taking time out last year for my mental health and getting help has helped me enormously.

I also want to work on my blog, Youtube and Instagram more - working it around my full time job and having more regular content - I have a few projects lined up, so watch this space!

This is also the last year before I turn 30, and I have a mini bucket list to accomplish - including saving money to possibly buy a house, travel places, smash goals and have the best year ever!

What are your goals this year?

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