Thursday, 7 September 2017

Time Saving Tips

Now, I’m not sure about you, but anything that saves me time is something I want to know about. Everyone is super busy these days and just a scroll though my ical shows that I don’t have a free weekend for at least the next two months! So I thought I’d share with you my top time saving tips for all you girl bosses out there trying to juggle everything.

To – Do Lists
Seems obvious, but a list in your head always seems like way more than when you psychically write it out. Get your to-do ready on a Sunday evening or Monday morning and set yourself up for the week ahead. Which brings me to my next point

Number your to-do list with what needs to be done by when and get the important stuff done early. This will mean you won’t miss deadlines and the less important jobs can wait until the end of the week.

Sort out your computer
How many spam emails to you get a day? Too many? Take time to unsubscribe so that you only get the important stuff (like sample sales and order confirmations!) instead of 10 spam emails an hour. 
Sort out your desktop and start using folders to find things quicker and know where things are.

Sort out your work space
Make sure your desk is tidy. Have places for paperwork and regularly sort through it to get rid of things you don’t need. Do the same with bills at home – use folders to store things away or see if you can switch them to digital so there is no paper waste. 

Sunday prep days
Take time out on a Sunday to prep food for the week. Save time with batch cooking and stop yourself reaching for junk food by prepping healthy snacks for the week (make your own hummus and chop up veggies- my personal fav! I use this recipe)

Spend ‘dead time’ wisely
By this I mean time like your commute on the train, waiting in the dentists surgery or being on hold on the phone to the bank. Use this time to write your food shopping list, fill out birthday cards or simply do your make up!

Use presets
Lots of washing machines can be timed, so that while you are out washing can be done and you just need to hang it up when you step through the door. Slow cookers can cook your dinner all day so you can eat as soon as you get in. Use your tech to save you time so things are being done whilst you are out.

Use your phone calendar (or even a normal diary!)
Update it regularly and check what you are doing for the week on a Sunday. That way you know what's coming and don’t risk double booking – plus, you don’t forget buying your dad a birthday card before you see him on Thursday for dinner!

Give yourself a power hour each week
Now when it comes to sorting bills or replying to un-urgent emails, I tend to leave them until the very last minute and then have a mad rush. Don't do that. Commit to an hour or so a week where you sit down and purely take charge of your life admin. It will help to set you up for the week and make sure you are up to date with everything.

And finally, an extra little hack I swear by.. take a pack of make up wipes or micellar water in your handbag and when you have late nights out, take your make up off on the train home. Most people are too sleepy to care about what you are doing and it saves you a step before bed when you get home.. espically if you are one of those people who sometimes sleeps in their makeup!

Hope these tips help and let me know if you have any time savers of your own. 

GM xo

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