Monday, 17 July 2017

Do good deeds

These days whenever you turn the television on or read a newspaper its all sad and upsetting news. Sadly our world these days can be pretty dark, but then you come across some small stories that make your day and cheer you up. There is nothing better than the feeling of doing something good, helping someone out or doing a good deed. I feel like the world needs more of this and being inspired by pride a couple of weekends ago, I'm going to share 20 ideas for some free (and super cheap) good deeds for everyone to go out and spread the love.

1. Ask people how they are. The simple line of 'How are you?' can be just the question people want to hear.
2. Contact someone you haven't in a while. Catch up with old friends and re-live memories.
3. Buy coffee for the next person in the queue and surprise a stranger.
4. Ring your mum! Or dad! They always love to hear from you.
5. Help someone out with directions. Living in London there is always someone clutching a map on the of the road. Go help them out.
6. Impart your knowledge. If you know something and you see someone struggling, go and help them!
7. Buy someone flowers for no reason - because who doesn't love that?
8. Bake for the office - because again, who doesn't love that?!
9. Write someone a letter. Go old school, everyone loves post.
10. Make someone a care package - is someone having a baby? Is someone going through a break up? A few cute things in a box can be just what they need!

11. Give someone a compliment - like her dress? Tell her!
12. Donate - give your wardrobe a clear out or donate some extra cans to a food bank.
13. Take the kids out for the day - everyone knows someone that has kids. Offer to take them out to the cinema or to the park so the parents can have some time off.
14. Donate blood - it's free and easy and can save someones life.
15. Take old magazines to the doctors/hospital next time you go. It could make someones wait less boring.
16. Smile! Smile to people as it could be the first smile they've seen all day.
17. Organise a family meal - it's so rare to get everyone together, and they will all appreciate it when you do!
18. Be a kind driver - let that car in front of you in the traffic.
19. Donate to a friend - there is always someone you know doing something for sponsorship.
20. If you owe someone a small amount of money (say, under £5) offer to give it back in the form of presents. Often people will love the idea of you getting them a present instead of caring about small change!

Hopefully some of these can inspire you to go and do a good deed, and you'll feel great doing something good!

GM xo

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