Monday, 26 June 2017

Tokyo Love Beauty Box Review

Now, I love a beauty subscription box. I love getting monthly treats through the post of things I get to test, try and discover, so when my blogger babe Jamie Rockers told me she was bringing out her own beauty box I couldn’t wait for it to pop through the post. Each box has a theme covering a different part of the world and the best of that countries beauty – which is such a good idea! Jamie has spent her life travelling, so she knows all the tips and tricks and the best products to use – which is reflected in the beauty boxes.


Her first box, Toyko Love is all things Japanese and includes a good range of make up and general beauty. Inside the box are 6 products, all super useful (which doesn’t always happen with some beauty boxes) and all a small taster into another part of the world and their beauty secrets.

The first item I tested out was the Shiseido Senka Perfect Whip Facial Wash. I’m always interested in facial washes, how well they take off makeup and how they leave the skin feeling. This didn’t disappoint. Having an usual consistency (but don’t let that put you off!) the texture feels like a chewy sweet or gum, but it smells fresh and foams really well with a small amount of water. Make up comes off super easy and the formula leaves your skin feel moisturised and dewy – perfect for dry skin. It uses the unusual formula of white silkworm cocoon protein, which gives you the shine in the wash and on the skin and the protein really helps to dissolve make up and almost feels like soap in the way that it cleans the skin.

The next item that drew me in was the Yumeguri Hot Spring Bath Powder. After hearing about this being a huge thing in Japan (they have hot springs everywhere) I was excited to test out something like this because of how different it sounded. There is also a rumour that it's the secret that keeps Japanese women’s skin looking younger! After popping the powder into the bath (do this as the water runs, before you get in) it acts like a bath bomb – fizzing and dissolving into the water turning it into a milky warm spring! I’m not sure if it helped my skin much, but if you like baths, its definitely something to try as the smell alone is relaxing!

Something else different that I was excited to try was the Kokubo Face Lifting Roller. When I first opened it, I had no idea what it was, but after reading (you get instructional cards in the box) it’s a sort-of massager for the face that when used, helps to encourage blood flow through the skin and helps to smooth out skin (and apparently wrinkles!). When first used, it seems weird, but it really does help to wake up the skin/face and is ideal as part of your skin care routine to help to soften the skin before moisturising. It is also nice to use as a massager - perhaps before a face mask to relax your facial muscles! 

Also included in the box was a Majolica Majorca-Cherry Kiss lipgloss. I don't tend to use lip glosses but after trying this out, I found it to be a great nude colour that kept my lips hydrated. The size and way it was applicated meant it would be easy to use when travelling as a top up and I found the gloss itself to be more natural than too shiny and sticky which I find to be the problem for a lot of glosses.

The two eye make up pieces in the box were my favourite. Starting with the DHC Perfect Proliquid Eyeliner - I was excited to use this as I find gel eyeliner hard to use and end up with most all over my eyes before getting a perfect line! But not with this product. Just like a pen, the nib is super soft and easy to navigate so eyeliner goes on super easily and evenly. Jet black in colour, the formula stays all day and doesn't shift, but is easily removed with make up remover. Since trying this I haven't gone back to my pencil eyeliner - a perfect new addition for your make up bag. 

The other make up item was the DHC Perfect Pro Double Protection Mascara. I'm very picking about mascara and I have to admit, when I first saw this I wasn't expecting great things, but this turned out to be better than hoped! The wand itself is very small and the brush is very fine. But this is great to pick up every eyelash and is good if you like a buildable mascara. It's ideal for an everyday natural mascara, for me it didn't give me the lift and thickness I normally like, but it gives a lovely natural finish which lengthens well and opens eyes. It would also make a great bottom lash mascara. 

The box had a good mix of new products to try, cult favourites, skincare and make up. It was great to try make up from Japan and if you sign up you can expect a different county every month which means tips and tricks from each and every county! 

GM xo

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