Tuesday, 6 June 2017

28 life lessons

I'm 28! Well, I turned 28 a couple of weeks ago now and spent a long weekend in Dublin strolling through cobbled streets, drinking Guinness and eating everything in sight (birthday cake included!). 
Whenever I have a birthday, I tend to get a little reflective about the year i've had and the year I have ahead of me, so I thought i'd share with you some life lessons/tips/advice i've learnt along the way just as a way to have a record to look back at when i'm old and grey or just to remind myself that life is pretty great! And hopefully some of these can help you!

1. Always be polite. Please and Thank you cost nothing.
2. There is always a plan B or a solution to a problem. Try not to worry.
3. Health is key. Taking time to look after yourself can do the world of good.
4. It's okay to admit that you have a mental health problem. In fact, it helps.
5. Family and friends are everything. Never take them for granted.
6. Living with people can sometimes be hard, but it will also be the best thing ever!
7. Some people don't agree with you and that's okay. Be open-minded.
8. Meditation really helps.
9. It's okay to nap instead of tidying the house.
10. Sometimes life isn't fair, but doesn't mean it isn't good.

11. Be positive. Always.
12. Love wins. Always.
13. Debt sucks, but getting through it feels so good. Save up and spend wisely.
14. Life is too short to hate people.
15. Stop comparing. There is no point.
16. Do what you love. Even if it doesn't pay and is just a hobby, if it makes you happy, just do it.
17. It's okay to be scared, it all works out in the end.
18. Cut the hair, try that make up look. Don't care what people think.
19. Make a life that works for you.
20. You don't always have to use social media. Take a break.
21. De-clutter.
22. Don't be lazy.
23. Be grateful for what you have. You are pretty lucky.
24. Travel, explore and never stop. You will never regret a holiday.
25. Don't wait for Friday, for a holiday or for summer. Do it now. Life is now.
26. It's okay to not really know what you are doing.
27. Set goals and be keen to learn.
28. Save photos, tickets, diaries for you to look back on.

GM xo

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