Friday, 12 May 2017

Top Tips for Inspiration

In my job, mostly in interviews, I always get asked 'Where does your inspiration come from?'
Being in a creative industry, you have to constantly top up your inspiration. But I think this can count for everyone, creative or not as you still need the inspiration to get out of bed in the morning or to get on the train to work everyday, so I wanted to share my top 3 tips that inspire me, to hopefully help inspire you!

Social Media
Now, I love hate Instagram as it can be such a distraction, but it's good inspiration for on trend, quick content. Following accounts which inspire you to work out, or inspire you with a quote in the morning and push you to start the day the right way can be very helpful. Use the new 'saved' tab when looking at images you love or might want to look at later on so they are a quick source of inspiration just when you need it. 

Follow accounts on your social media which inspire your life and make sure to delete accounts that bring you down. Surrounding yourself with positivity is just as important as going to out seek inspiration, that way, the inspiration is always around you. 

I’m not sure if this counts as social media, but also Pinterest is the best place for Inspiration. I’m sure you already know this, but you can get inspiration on there for almost anything, just save a few albums and pin a few pictures and you are on your way to a constant source of inspo!  

Magazines and books are becoming forgotten treasure boxes of information and inspiration. Go to a library, bookstore or your local newsagent and browse some books and magazines! The stories, images, colour palettes, outfits etc; are bound to inspire you and reading different stories helps to broaden your horizons!

Bookmark pages that have great imagery or great quotes and I’m sure you will come back to them. Treating your eyes to something visually beautiful on paper always beats looking a screen and holding something in your hands is something you can keep as a constant inspirational source.

Get out
Stepping away from your stressful, uninspired situation can do you a world of good. Walking outside for some air can allow your brain to refresh and bring back your work flow. Going on a small walk or just stepping out to grab some milk allows you to get away from the small screen and see the bigger picture, normally allowing new ideas to pop into that head of yours. If that still doesn’t work, go somewhere that gets you out and gives you inspiration.

Go to a gallery, walk to an exhibition or just go into the woods for some peace and quiet and allow your surroundings to inspire you. Get out and see people, bounce ideas of your girl gang or just rant it all to your mum over a coffee. Just empty your brain of your thoughts and allowing them to be out there means new space for more ideas or someone else hearing and helping find a solution.

And if you can’t get out, just get doing something different. Do some yoga, bake a cake or take a bath. Just get away from that situation.

Inspiration is literally everywhere, sometimes you just have to open your mind a little and think of a different source in order to find it.

GM xo

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