Saturday, 22 April 2017

How to Spring declutter

It's that lovely time of the year, when Spring has sprung and we are beginning to get some of those lovely sunny days and bright evenings. To me, this is always my time to refresh and sort out aspects of my life. That sounds a little weird, but I mean things like sort out my clothes, tidy up and just generally de-clutter. If you know me at all, you'll know that I love to organise, I love to sort things out and get rid of the excess 'fat' in my life, so I thought i'd share with you some tips to decluttering your life which help mentally and physically.

Digital clear out
This is something i've recently started doing, but find it really helps. Go through your social media and delete people/accounts that you no longer speak to, that make you feel bad about yourself or that you find yourself comparing to. If you aren't reminded of these people you will be surprised how quickly you stop feeling bad about how you don't have abs like the girl you follow on Instagram or how you aren't in Bali on a beach like the girl you used to live next to 10 years ago.

Also, go through your apps and organise them into folders, delete the apps you no longer use and make sure you have ones that make your life easier and save time. There are so many apps to help you organise almost everything, just have a little look!

This is the one everyone dreads and half way through organising your wardrobe you wonder why you even started, but this can completely change your living space if you keep it organised. I now have a rule that I can't buy anything new without getting rid of something. This helps to keep the space in your wardrobe and prevents overcrowding (plus it saves you some money!) Give your clothes a time limit and if you haven't worn it within that period, give it to charity or even sell it!* And finally, if you've sorted through all your clothes and you still need space, look to box up your knits and winter clothes that you won't need for the next few months, this will give you that extra space for your new summer bits!

*A little tip I read; Hang your hangers one way and then switch the hanger with the item on the opposite way if you wear it. Come back your wardrobe in 6 months and all the items that haven't been switched are the ones that needs to be gotten rid of.

Paperwork/General Life Admin
Take the time to sort out your life admin. Set up direct-debits, go through your paperwork and shred what's not needed, file away things you need to keep in folders. Taking a few hours out a month to sort all your paperwork and file things away will take so much stress out of paying bills and finding things you need later on.

Empty your mind
This one should be done on a regular basis but can be easier said than done. Take time out to note down your thoughts or your to-do lists somewhere and empty your mind of cluttered thoughts. Take yourself away somewhere relaxing or quiet, whether it's for a whole weekend or a few hours and just take the time to relax your mind and organise your thoughts. You'll find taking the time out to do this once in a while will help to put your thoughts in a row and approach things with a fresh approach. Relaxing is important to help declutter your mind, something i've spoken more about in my blog post here.

How do you declutter?

GM xo

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