Monday, 10 April 2017

How to be (& stay) motivated.

Monday mornings. Everyone feels the same, everyone wants to be back in bed, but instead your zombie like state is sat on a train with everyone else wondering how many coffees it's going to take to get through the day. Here are a few little tips I use to help myself get over the slump and get motivated to get through the day.

Set up Sunday.
Use this day to set yourself up for the week. Have a good dinner, have an early night and get all your stuff in order. Write yourself a to-do list of what needs to be done this week and make your plans for the week on this day so you don't have too many unwelcome surprises stressing you out on Monday morning. If you make lunch, do it that evening and if you have more time on your hands why not plan Mondays outfit? Anything you can do to organise yourself for the week will help to set you up for the week. It also stops those panic wake ups in the night thinking of all the things you need to or have forgotten to do.

Remind yourself.
Why are you working? Are you saving up for that holiday with the girls? Is it to buy the dream house next year? Is it to get that promotion? Write down or store on your phone reasons why you are working hard and reasons you are getting out of bed for. This will help you to look at the big picture and motivate you as to why you are doing the things you do. Working hard for something always makes it worth it and reminding yourself of these things can help to boost you up!

Treat yourself.
Create targets and stick to them. Reward yourself for your hard work because life is too short. Saving up for something? Treat yourself when you've saved the full amount. Big deadline? Get a massage after it's all done. Knowing there is a treat at the end helps you to push forward and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Don't be distracted. 
This is easier said than done, but if you know something is going to stop you working and de-motivate you, then work on moving it away. If you can't work with TV, move outside or into a different room. I find plugging into a podcast a welcome white noise whilst working through emails, or putting your phone on silent away from your computer for an hour or two can really stop distractions (I'm blaming you Instagram!).

Get pumped!
Do things to pump yourself. Go on a run, drink some coffee, scroll through inspirational quotes on Pinterest, get that that hair up in a bun, put that motivation playlist on Spotify, have a power nap and just GO FOR IT.

Think of how good everything feels when you have ticked off most of your to-do list on a Monday or when you are going into the weekend knowing you can just relax because there aren't any pressing jobs to do. You might be tired after work, but just doing a couple small jobs in the evening can make such a difference.

How do you find your motivation?

GM xo 

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