Sunday, 5 March 2017

Why it's okay to get your nails done instead of cleaning the kitchen.

To me, I can never really justify why it’s okay to take time out to relax. I'm a freelancer, which means I make my own hours (to an extent), and I get to shape my weeks according to how I want to. This to me means that I don't really have an option to complain about my job, about the commute etc; and I'm slowly learning that this shouldn't be the case. The term 'relaxing' doesn't necessarily mean going for a massage and getting a facial, but can simply mean taking some time out to do nothing and re-group. Regrouping can be super productive and successful in the long run as it allows us to step away from our crazy lives (if only for a second) and just assess everything, prioritise what needs doing and what's important. It allows us to stop from running ourselves into the ground and helps us to get a little break from the routine.

There will always be things to do and if you are like me, if the to-do list is slowly going down you somehow start to create jobs just for jobs sake. But it's very important to take time out for yourself as it can help to keep you sane (and help others around you not get their heads bitten off!) 

If you find it hard to relax that's fine, there are tools and tricks to help. If it's not easy to you to do, then don't force yourself into take a whole day to relax. You will most likely think of this as a 'wasted day' and want to get back to that to-do list. Instead, just take an hour or a few hours out from that day. Maybe finish early or get up an extra hour before work and use your time then to relax. Meditation before work can be great and can be useful to plan for the day ahead. A lot of apps can help with this and if that's not your thing, then just reading with a facemask or taking a bath can be just the thing. 

Before relaxing if you are feeling especially stressed, try to work out the route of the problem. If it's your workload, then write everything down that's going on in your head, prioritise it and then go relax for a little while knowing that when you come back it's all ready and set out for you to power through. If it's something that can't be helped (like an upcoming anxiety-filled event) then maybe have a chat with a loved one over your concerns and try to change these thoughts into positive ones. Also, if it's not happening for 3 days, then why think about it now? Future you can sort that (and don't worry, you'll get through it and it will be fine). 

Try not to think of taking time out for you as wasted time. You wouldn't be able to go to work everyday without sleeping so it's just the same thing. You won't be able to tackle the issues going on with your life unless you body and mind has had the rest it needs. Regrouping your thoughts can make problems shrink and can even make you come up with solutions. Always being on the go can shadow the great things going on in your life and relaxing can help you to appreciate these things. 

Get into a routine where you take time to relax. You may have a half day a week where you don't
make any plans, or two days a week where you wake up that extra hour for a session of yoga and taking yourself to breakfast. Never feel guilty of these things, because you wouldn't be you and be able to function at the best you can without taking time out to check in with yourself, re-evaluate things and just clear your mind. Go be a little bit selfish sometimes and relax! This year one of my aims is to take time out for myself, to allow myself to relax a little more enabling me to get the best out of my days. I’ve started choosing to get my nails done instead of cleaning my flat or just taking a full hour lunch break to sit in a café and people watch and if this is something you also struggle with, try to take the time to do this, relax more and allow yourself this time without feeling guilty.

What are your best tips to relax and unwind and do you try to take time out just for yourself?

GM xo

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