Sunday, 19 March 2017

My current high street beauty favourites.

My makeup bag is always a mix of high-street and high end. I tend to reach for high-street makeup for everyday use, as it's cheaper and easier to replace. It also means I can test out new products easily and if they break/get lost (which tends to happen when I cart it all around whilst travelling about) or if I don't like using them, then it's not as heartbreaking to replace.

Even though I like to test and try out different products, there are always a few I come back to. This is a little run through of my current beauty favourites from the high street.

Collection - Lasting Perfection Concealer 
To me concealer always has to be high coverage, and almost a thick consistency to work well. Recommended by a few bloggers, I decided to join in and try out the Collection concealer and it didn't disappoint. The perfect creamy consistency and blend-ability makes this a staple in my make up bag. I use this for the dark circles and those unwelcome break outs and it lasts for a good few months. This works perfectly when set with powder, the wand applicator also makes it easy to apply without using too much product and it tends to last the whole day without needing to reapply. 

NYX Eyeliner
I think I'm the only person who favours eye pencils over gels or eye liner these days, but I still can't master the wing and I like the less-harsh look of an eye pencil. The NYX pencil is my usual go-to as it has the perfect combination of creating clean lines but also a softness and the option to smudge if you wanted a more smokier look.

Sleek Makeup - Brow Intensity
This is the perfect product for makeup on the go as it has two products in one. This is like a pen, with one side having a brow brush and sponge to brush through the brow, colour and shape. The other side of the pen has a highlight shaped like a pencil that is used for under the brow to highlight the brow bone and finish off the look. Having all this aspects within one product is great for a high street product.

The product is a coloured gel meaning the colour isn't too intense and adds a natural look whilst shaping. Once dry, the product doesn't smudge and is long lasting. 

Benefit - They're Real!

Now i'm sure everyone that is reading this knows about this mascara or has at least heard of it. I honestly love this mascara and think it is one of the best high-street mascaras out there. This works best being layered, so take the time to allow coats to semi-dry before applying more. It lengths eyelashes within a few coats and doesn't clump thanks to the multiple combs on the brush. The brush also has a spiky end, which is perfect for the bottom lashes or adding product to thicken lashes.

This is one of the most expensive high-street mascaras out there, but is worth the money as it lasts a lot time and the brush is perfect for quick and easy application.

Rimmel - Insta Fix & Go
This is a fairly new product from Rimmel and is a new staple in my make-up bag. This is a 2 in 1 product that is a primer and setting spray. The spray is quick drying, fresh (smells lovely!) and oil free, so it doesn't feel like your makeup it setting hard or greasy. It only takes a few sprays to set the makeup into the skin and so far, I haven't had to reapply my make up in the day time whilst using this. It also is nice to top up on your face during the day just to freshen your face up (and keep you awake during your post-lunch slump) 

What's your go to high-street make up?

GM xo

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