Saturday, 25 March 2017

How its never too late to go for what you want

This is kind of a follow on post from this one here that I wrote earlier in the month, but I often find myself comparing how much I have done and what I have left to do in comparison other people, like the girls on Instagram or my friends housemate. I started this blog quite a few years ago and found myself not having much time to post weekly, or feel like what I wrote about wasn’t important and I’ve only recently learnt to forget about all that and just do this for me. These days bloggers can start from 15 years old and people can have millions of followers in their early-20s, so trying to built up a blog from only being years away from the big 3-0 can be pretty daunting. I have a normal 9-5 job that I mostly love to do, but I would also love to expand this blog (and Youtube channel) and make this a little slice of internet that I can be proud of. I sometimes doubt that I have enough time left to be ‘relevant’ to readers, but when you start to dive into the crazy blogging world, there seems to be people from all walks or life, all ages and in all kinds of situations.

I have those down days where I wondering why I keep clicking publish and keep editing photos of my latest favourite foundation, but then I take a step back and realise why I’m doing it. I’m doing this for me. I like to write, to post pictures and to chat to you all online and there is no shame in that. When people see me and mention that they read my last post, or that they liked my Instagram, that makes my day and keeps me posting. It’s never too late to try out anything, and as long as you are doing it for you whats the problem? 

If you are thinking of a career move but feel like you are too old.. you’re wrong! There is always time to do something you love. You have to go to that job everyday, so why not change it to make it something you enjoy? Something you don’t mind getting out of bed for. It might feel like you should have changed your life earlier, that you should have thought about this all before, but you didn’t and that’s something that’s been and gone. You right now want to change for the better so that’s all that matters, use that drive and think about what you really want to change, breaking it down into smaller parts and try to go for them and achieve them one by one. Chances are you are older and wiser (with more experience) these days so you’ll be able to achieve these things a lot easier! This whole concept make seem scary or big, so just focus on one thing at a time and small steps!

Just go for it. Stop thinking about starting it next week or soon and just jump in. Success is a matter of perception and only you know if you are happy with your life. Success can mean anything to you personally so don’t be swayed by others or the people you see bragging about their lives, because, chances are they are having problems that they just don’t talk about.

I have only recently worked on my blog and youtube channel more this past year and it’s something I am really enjoying. It’s a slow process but I am in a position where I have lots of ideas and am excited about the direction I want it to go. Sure, there are probably people doing this better than me and they are probably younger but I’m blocking that out. Who cares what others are doing, so long as I’m on the track I want to be. I hope this gives you the boost to ignore those around you and for you to concretrate on your goals. This is what I am trying to work on this year and I hope you’ll be reading my blog and watching my videos as this girl tries to expand!

GM xo

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