Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Why I don't care about buying a house and conforming to twenty-something pressure.

Scrolling through social media always presents you with a slice of highlights from people you know, best friends and people you look up to. After a few scrolls, keys to new homes pop up, engagement rings sparkle and new baby boomerangs get liked. Then you realise; these people are the same age as you. They are the same age as you and they have ticked more life 'boxes' than you. Then begin the questions, why hasn't he proposed yet? Why don't I have money for a deposit? Should I be thinking about having a baby? STOP! You really shouldn't give a f*ck and this is why you need to live you own life (sorry mum!) 

Always remember that social media is someone's 'life highlights' no one is going to post them eating beans on toast for a whole week to pay for the shoes they post on Instagram or their baby screaming whilst out in the park. Instagram is not real life. Just like how you don't share everything about your day on your accounts. Remember that from the start and your whole thoughts towards social media will change right away. 

The reason I am going on about not concentrating on peoples social media is to emphase the point that none really knows about your life. Your story. To me, buying a house means nothing. I don't understand why you need to own a house in your lifetime and why you need to do it sooner rather than later. It's okay to want to move around a little more before deciding where you'd like to live. A mortgage is very permanent, so why would you and why should you have to rush with everyone else to save up and own a house?

Okay, so don't get me wrong.. I understand the reason as to why you'd want to own a home and I am going to think about saving for a house someday.. but it's not going to be the only thing I'm saving for in my life. I want to save to keep travelling the world, for going on amazing experiences, for possibly starting my own business or for just having some fun! I just feel like my priorities are not owning a house right now and the problem is that people feel guilty if that is the same case for them. It's okay not to want a house - go and explore the world and go enjoy the experiences you can tell people about and carry with you forever because before you know it, you won't have time to go and do these things. 

The thing that sucks about being a twenty-something in this day and age (or I guess being a 'millennial') is that life is not as mapped out and planned as back in the day. These days people don't tend to stay working at a company for more than 5 years or they don't get married until later in life. This all adds to the fact that you have to be able to move around and be flexible for the opportunities you want in life and also cements the fact that having something as permanent as a mortgage can hold you back to opportunities. These days you also don't earn as much money as you'd like to, so how can you trust yourself with a mortgage if you are still dipping into your savings to go on that long weekend with the girls?! 

I understand that the 'right thing' is to buy a house, get married, have children. But that doesn't happen anymore. This is a very old way of thinking and the sooner you just work your life into how you want to live it, the better you are going to feel. 

Noone has any idea how the market will differ in the coming years. 'Investing now' isn't always smart, because who knows how the market is going to turn out like. Yes, you may add value to your property, but remember, you could also end up losing money. It is a very uncertain market, so why rush into it?

Speaking of money. It is a LOT of money. It's the most expensive thing you will buy. You need a lot of help (some only need a little, but if so.. this post isn't for you). So why live miserably saving money doing nothing for a few years instead of having fun, doing things and just saving slower over more time. These, as our aunties and uncles keep telling us are 'the best years of your lives' so why spend them saving up and only going out to dinner once a month?

Again, I'm not slating everyone who owns a house at my age. If that is your choice, then I'm happy for you and glad that you get to be in that position. It's just that my priority right now is not have a house. To me, there is so much time in my later life to go back to the same postcode, have kids in a house I customised myself and to pick the area I want to live for my retirement. But right now, I love moving around, discovering new areas, going away and travelling the world. The ease of being able to pick up my life and move excites me and keeps me open to more opportunities.

I feel like people need to (and yes, I'm going to use a cheesy quote here) trust the timing of their life. If they don't own a house, they aren't in a long term relationship or aren't thinking about kids. That is totally okay. And if you are happy with what you have already achieved (some people are deal with a lot behind closed doors you have no idea about) then that great, keep living your life and be happy for other people. But if you feel like this should be you; then DO something about it. Get a new job, get saving and make the life you live one you are happy with. Just don't listen to those people on Instagram. 

GM xo

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