Wednesday, 22 February 2017

5 podcasts I love listening to right now that YOU should hear

I commute around an hour a day into London and to pass the time I’ve recently jumped on the podcast train and now find myself listening to them aaaalll the time – whilst commuting, whilst tidying the house, doing my weekly shop and even in the shower. I feel like it’s the perfect way to be informed about happenings in the world or listening to a story or finding out about interesting issues whilst living everyday life without it getting in the way. I sometimes find it hard to pick up a book as it feels like I don’t have much time, whereas a podcast just comes with me where ever I am! Plus, you can just dip in and out whenever you please which is perfect for us busy bees! 

So, I thought I’d share with you my top 5 podcasts that I can’t get enough of recently, dipping into a few different topics for you to listen to whether you are a first time listener or just someone that wants to add some new podcasts to your collection. 

Guys We F****d
This is my absolute FAV podcast and as soon as I discovered it, I binge listened and now wait weekly for new episodes to come out. The basic concept is comedy duo ‘Sorry about Last Night’ (Krystyna Hutchinson and Corinne Fish) talking about the guys that they, ahem, sleep/slept with and the general hilarious stories and subjects that come up surrounding it. Since beginning, the podcast has developed to talk about more general issues surrounding sex such as rape and race, which has also turned it into a more interesting in-depth listen. It basically changes and challenges the ideas behind female sexuality, giving confidence to women speaking out about sex. 

You'd love this if: You love the subject of sex and you have no barriers when it comes to anything about it.

Ctrl – Alt – Delete
After hearing about Emma Gannon from a watching videos on Youtube, this podcast talks about how social media and the digital world of the internet has changed and shaped lives. Filled with interesting interviews (in super chilled chat form) Emma covers all things online especially looking to strong women – the ultimate inspirational #girlboss podcast!

Writing a book with the same title, she covers how people are now successful through having a big online presence, covering things like bloggers, instagrammers, online business women etc; and she interviews someone different every week who has success online and covers how they became successful, tips, tools, their journeys etc; whilst making you feel like you are also in the room chatting with them. 

You'd love this if: You are an aspiring #girlboss and you love the digital world we now live in.

The Guilty Feminist
TGF is for the kind of girl that will say “I’m a feminist, but..” (which is how they start their podcast every week – with people confessing their guilty feminist secrets). It covers feminist issues but also allows the fact that for some things, you just don’t have to be a feminist and its okay. It allows you to pick and choose your own rules behind being a woman and how you can live life however you wish!

This very modern, open and honest podcast is ideal for woman who make their own rules and who aren’t afraid to have an opinion. It helps women who succumb to the embarrassment of feminist issues or sometimes being a woman become more confident in themselves.

You'd love this if: You feel like you are a feminist… but you also really want to look good naked.

Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People
The concept for this podcast is simple. One phone call and one hour. Whoever the caller is (they are strangers), gets to talk about whatever they wish for that hour (or until they hang up – the host Chris Gethard cannot hang up). The beauty of this podcast is that anything can be talked about and that some subjects can get completely crazy, spilling secrets whereas, some are just silly, but that’s the fun and idea of the podcast! 

To me, its a really nice open concept (something we should have more of these days) and just allows for discussion about anything – it’s also hosted by a comedian, so there is a funny element to every guest interview. He is also super good at getting the truth or facts out of people which can end in shocking revelations. 

You'd love this if: You want to fall in love with humanity again and don’t mind something a little random.

The Adam Buxton Podcast
Adam is a comedian and actor who has the best style of speaking the English language. In his podcast he interviews various people/friends of his (most excitingly for me, my crush Louis Theroux) about the weird and wonderful things going on in the world. Already being quite established in the comedic world, most of his guests are friends meaning he delves into more personal subjects with his interviewees as well as keeping it light and hilarious.

The podcast is now over, but it’s worth still listening for his amazing guests and super relaxed vibe, plus he always starts the podcast on a walk with his dog who you get to hear from! 

You'd love this if: You love a good chat in the pub with mates.. Except you wish your mates were famous.. 

Let me know if you listen to any of these orrr if you already have and I’d love to hear your podcast recommendations!
Happy listening!

GM xo

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