Thursday, 13 October 2016

Neon dreams - Gods Own Junkyard

Don't you love it when a lazy day turns into a little adventure? Looking up places to go on Timeout, we found something about Gods Own Junkyard. With little information on the Internet and not much of an idea what it was, we decided to go for and find out for ourselves.

Located in Walthamstow in what looks like a business estate, walking down the end towards a plastic cow we looked inside and knew we had found the right place.

Gods Own Junkyard is a storage space for neon lighting and props. Some that have been used for movies, shoots etc and some that are available for rent for whatever you would it for (because who doesn't need a giant neon horseshoe!).

The space is just full to the brim with different neons, flashing lights and huge lit up letters. There is a small path through the lights which means you can walk around and snap pictures and pick your favourite neons. It is a Instagram dream!

There is also a cafe, the 'Rolling Scone' within the space, so you can sip on a cuppa whilst taking in the sights. It's a good place to work for a few hours as the place is bound to spark inspiration. It is one of those places that hours goes by without you realising and the next thing you know, it's darkness outside when you leave! The perfect way to spend a few lazy hours on a Sunday. 

Gods Own Junkyard is open Friday - Sunday. For more info click here.

GM xo

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