Sunday, 25 September 2016

Fields of Fruit

A few weekends ago now, my boyfriend floated the idea of pick your own. I had never been and sensing that I had missed out on this activity in my childhood, we decided to go to West Green Fruits in Hartley Wintney. 

The basic concept for those of you that haven't been (which is probably none of you!) is that there are fields of fruit and veg for you to wander through and pick whatever takes your fancy.. Which you of course have to taste test first..! 

Grabbing my little basket, we headed towards the strawberries after being told that they were
"almost gone as its late in the season". We managed to get a punnet worth before moving onto raspberries - my favourite fruit! I think at this stage, I was eating more than I was saving. 

We then had a chance to pick some blackberries and red currents. Veg is also available there, but we came late in season. If you want to come when everything is in stock, or just to make sure your favs are there to be picked, be sure to check the website for the time table.
If you don't fancy the picking part, but still want fresh fruit, readily picked fruit is available in the shop, as well as homemade jams and chutneys and other treats. 

After a leisurely few hours of spotting the best bunches and eating all the ones that were too ripe to make it home, the fruits are weighted for a price and a cafe is there to refresh and look over your pickings. And, if your like me, a chance to get straight onto Pinterest and decide what you are going to make with it all!   

Dress: Topshop
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