Wednesday, 6 April 2016

My First Video & Room Tour!

So i've been thinking of popping over to Youtube for a while now... I tend to ramble on about things and I'm sure I annoy everyone around me, so thought trying it out on Youtube may be the way to go!
This post ties in with my very first video (eeek!) and it's a room tour. I live in North London and live with 2 lovely roommates - i'm lucky to have a great room with an en-suite and balcony.

As I live in rented property, there isn't too much I can do about the wall colours and the general decoration of the place. All my furniture also came with the place, so i've just added my touches here and there! My bed is fairly simple and I have white sheets which bring light into the room with huge grey pillows that are good for comfy book-reading and tea drinking. Plus this is also where Tony the tiger lives! I have pictures on both bed sides that are yet to be put on the walls and being a lover of candles, I have one also on each bedside. 

My windowsill holds my books. and a few other bits The rest of my collection is on a proper bookcase, but these are the books that I am currently reading or are next on my list to read! I also love plants so have one of those in the corner, with (surprise!) another candle - this one is the limited edition Diptique from last year and was a birthday present. I also have a crystal that was given to me by my grandparents which I love and is such a nice decoration.

My general get ready area is probably the favourite part of my room. I have my perfumes in one corner - an everyday and evening as well as a little heart bowl for my everyday jewellery. I then have a few pictures - I love my clear frame as you can pop anything together to make collages. I then have yet another candle and tea light holder as well as two of my favourite things - the sugar skull which I got from a market in Mexico whilst travelling and an actual piece of the salt flats in Bolivia that I also got whilst travelling around South America. 

My desk is fairly simple as as my Mac takes up most of the space I tend to not put too much on here! I have a plant on one side and then a small light, pencil pot and space for a notepad on the others. This space tends to get messy most days and becomes my dumping area for bits and pieces, but right now, I just have my notebook! 

As I mentioned, I did a video alongside this blog post - this just looks at my room a little further in more details and you get to see it overall.  I have popped it below so please take a look, comment, like and subscribe if you feel like it! I plan to start making videos once a week! It's a little shaky, short and sorry about the sound of my camera focusing in some parts, but please be nice! 

GM xo


  1. I love room tours, mostly because I'm so nosey! Great post lovely xx

  2. That's a really great first video! Room tours are one of my favourite videos to watch! A girl can never have too many candles!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. Thanks so much Hale! I agree.. candles are the best! x