Thursday, 10 March 2016

I have - February favourites

I know, I know, i'm late to the party again! Sorry! I need to decide on my favourites earlier in the month! This month I haven't really been buying any clothes so these are a few snack and random favourites. 

I'll start with snacks! I've been (like I do every month) trying to eat healthily and I find that my downfall is always snacking! I have been on the hunt for snacks that are healthy that don't lose taste and are still delish so I popped into Planet Organic.  

And I found these delights! The chocolate is 46% cacao that comes from Peru and has added hazelnuts. I'm not a fan of dark chocolate at all, but I love the flavour of this chocolate. The nuts have added crunch and the chocolate is rich enough that you won't chomp down a whole packet and regret it - you'll only need a few squares. It comes in lots of different flavours and you can get it from here. The other snack I can't stop munching are these coconut chips. They are bacon flavour! I know! Coconut on it’s own doesn’t taste like much, so these ones with the flavouring makes a good substitute for crisps! These come in a few different flavours (including a cheesy one), all of which I have been chomping this month - but the bacon are my favourite. Plus they are organic, vegan and raw so you can't go wrong!

Sticking with the food theme, I'll move on to tea! I'm a huge tea drinker - breakfast, fruit, green, anything - and recently Twinnings have brought out a few new unusual loose leaf teas. This popcorn tea is the newest edition to my tea cupboard and is delicious! The popcorn pieces in the tea give it a nutty savory taste, which cuts though the bitterness of the green tea and is a great tea for all day as it’s not too sweet. Buy it here!

Moving onto beauty, I've recently been suffering from really dry skin with this weather - something that I don't normally suffer from. I decided to hunt down a good moisturiser and after hearing good things about the 'Yes to' range, decided to give it a try. I can see why everyone is raving about these products. The moisturiser feels so light on the skin, smells great and leaves you feeling really well moisturised. I've even been using it sometimes overnight as it’s been so beneficial for my skin! You can buy the whole range in all good drug stores. The other beauty (sort of) product is the bath glove - this is something you can wear in the shower and use with your normal morning/evening routine to scrub your skin. The texture is fairly rough so you leave the shower with an all over exfoliation and it's such a hassle free method of doing so! This one is from The Body Shop.

Finally, this was probably in everyone’s favourites months (years!) ago but I've just started watching Breaking Bad! I know! And.. I say just started, but I've gotten though four seasons in a month already! I can say that it lives up the hype and I am well and truly hooked! I don't want to talk about it too much in case any readers (which I doubt) haven't seen it but it is sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat amazing and I can't stop watching!

GM xo

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