Friday, 15 January 2016

I got - Christmas 2015

I'm a little late with this post.. Christmas feels like so long ago! But, I thought i'd share a few treats that I got for Christmas this year. I was a lucky girl and got lots, so I am just sharing a few bits with you! I got a variety of sensible grown-up bits and fun stuff!

This was one of my favourite presents and whoever knows me, know how much I love friends! I know it's an old present to get and I don't know why its been until 2015 until I have this, but i've already gotten to Season 2 and it never gets old! I feel like perfume is a staple at Christmas or birthdays and Boss Night was something I had a sample ages ago and have wanted since. The smell is  musky and flowery with a deeper tone more suited to an evening scent (as called!)

My phone case is amazing! It has small pieces of glitter that float in liquid and perfectly goes with my hair/mermaid vibe! I also love to get new books for Christmas, with new reading material to start the year with. 'Ways of Seeing' is a book about different art views and relates to my job. The others are an interest of mine i'd like to read more about.

I'm someone who love to write diaries and blogs my thoughts regularly, but I find it so hard to sit down and have the time to write full diary entries about my day, so this present was perfect! This diary just requires one sentence every day about what i've done and carries on for 5 years! I've kept it up so far and i'm excited to read it in a few years time.

GM xo  

In the top photo: 
Friends DVD Boxset
Boss Night perfume
The UK Candle Company, Cotton Fresh
'Ways of Seeing' John Berger
'I Am Malala' Malala Yousafzai
'My Brief History' Steven Hawking
One Line a Day - A five year memory book
Drinks holder
Rose-Gold Casio

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