Sunday, 18 October 2015

I do - Stylist Live

Hello readers! Sorry for the little break, but I was pretty ill for a few weeks and I then went away for a few days (a blog post on that to follow!), so I have just gotten back to sitting at my computer to chat to you! Today I went to Stylist Live - it was one of those things where I bought tickets a few months ago, forgot about it and it came around super quickly!

Stylist Live is a four day festival near Angel in London full of food, drinks, fashion and various other things, with a chance to see some talks touching on various subjects, lots of stalls to buy things and places to eat.

I went to a talk from Jody Shield about managing anxiety and a demonstration from Hemsley + Hemsley. These were both really good with tips (and tasting!) and I learnt lots! There was also a AW15 Catwalk show showing trends currently on sale and I spent a few hours browsing all the clothing and makeup stalls.

This is a nice event to go to if you like a mix of fashion, food and lifestyle. As it was Stylist's first time doing this it was very busy, so just be prepared if you fancy going next year to leave plenty of time to do things and queue early!

GM xo

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