Monday, 21 September 2015

welcome back!

Hello! I'm back!
Welcome to my new blog.. sort of!

This blog is to be filled with lifestyle, fashion, food, beauty and inspiration with at least two blog posts a week looking and chatting about all different things that I love. Posts will now be written in different subjects, looking at the following:

I cook.
This is where I will share my recipes and tips to create all things delicous! I love to be in the kitchen experimenting with all different things weather it be baking, cooking dinner or making cocktails and i'll be sure to share with you anything delicious I munch on. I do like to try to be healthy, but it doesn't always happen.. so I will share with you a combination of naughty and nice, because everything in moderation.. right..?!

I look.
Here ill be sharing with you my tips and tricks on make up or beauty products. I don't claim to be a professional make-up artist or anything of the sort, but being a makeup junkie, I will show you my recent purchases and give you honest opinions of how good they are and what to spend your money on! 

I wear.
Outfits of the day, hauls, new trends, new brands I love etc will all be talked about here. Working for Topshop head office, I get the sneak peek on trends and I get to see lots of different style ideas day in, day out, which I will be sure to give you all the low down on, as well as outfits I put together for work, days out, holidays and special occasions!

I do.
This is a more general subject, where I will look to share with you my general day to day outings. Living in London I get the opportunity to do lots of fun things, go to events and do some great adventures! I will update you with where is good to go, things to do, where you should eat, shop, drink as well as lovely days out, dates and anything and everything that's worth doing around London or anywhere I happen to venture out to! 

I make.
Now, I love PInterest. I don't think thats any different to many other bloggers, but I get caught up in the crafty pages on there and sometimes like to try to make creations and craft away on a rainy afternoon. There is nothing better than the pride of something you've made on the table of your living room, or giving someone a present that you've made and this is what these pages will be about! So grab some scissors and join in! 

I read/watch.
I read a lot and watch a lot. I'm always after a good new book or a gripping TV series and this is where I will pass my reviews onto you to make sure you're not missing out. I will give you my honest opinions on what's good to read, whats good to watch and what to go and see at the cinema so that you never have a boring train journey or boring evening again!

I think.
Everyone gets in those moods where they ponder away about life, or just want to be inspired in what they are doing. Here's where I will chat to you about everything and anything, looking at people that inspire me that will hopefully inspire you and my general musings about life - looking at any possible tips/advice on certain subjects or just anything I happen to be thinking about. So grab a cup of tea and get ready for a ramble of the thoughts and musings I have whilst sitting in front of my keyboard.

So there you go, lots of exciting things to look at and read about all coming your way! I'm very excited and hope you are too!

It would be lovely to get a follow or comment from me and I'll be sure to update all my social media to keep you in the loop! 
So watch this space and happy reading!

GM xo  

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