Thursday, 2 April 2015


I know, I'm sorry.. It's been ages since i've done a post. A lot has happened since i've lasted posted so I thought it was only right to give a little update as to whats going on in my life. I really want to start vlogging so that I have a constant life diary, but for now, this will have to do!

I live in London! I made the move to the city in January and I have loved every moment. Yes, some days I have had to survive on beans on toasts to pay rent, but I also get to see museums and get inspired. I live with my best friend by the canal and a park and it's just wonderful. I have a sense of freedom you get when leaving your parents home and the feeling of excitement that comes with the new idea of adventure in a new city.

I work in London! In November I got a dream role working as a Graphic Designer for Topshop. This is the kind of role I was hoping for since deciding I wanted to become a designer back in college. I work in central London (hence the move) and I've loved every minute ever since. So chances are, if you are shopping in Topshop you will see some of my work! How exciting!

I've gone long distance. Me and my boy have always sort of been long distance. But at the moment he is being a brain-box studying a masters in Cardiff whilst I am working and living in London. This means packing up my bag every few weeks and hoping on a coach to arrive a few hours later in Wales for a fun weekend. Its hard, but its sometimes a nice welcome break from the city, plus we are both doing something we love that will be best for the future when we share a postcode!

So a few things have change and now that this little blog of mine is updated, I will try to keep up with some regular blog posts.
Speak soon! 

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