Wednesday, 5 November 2014

how to | long distance

Sorry this is a day late (not a good start!) but here is my first how to.. How to do a long distance relationship. 

It's true, long distance relationships suck and they are hard, but they can be done. Through-out my relationship, I'd say around 60% of it has been long distance. Here are some things to remember if you are in a long-distance relationship, or considering being in one.

As cliche as it is, trust is the key to any sucessful relationship. As soon as you begin to question where they are, who they are with etc. problems will occur. Remember that they have the right to have just a much fun without you as being with you and that their job isnt to wait by the phone or put their life on hold for you. Trust is the key to keeping you together, letting each other experience new things being apart and allowing that person to not having to check in with you.

Communication in a long-distance realtionship is vital. You must remember that your partner may not have a clue what you have been up to, so not speaking for a few hours can cause anger and upset.

All it takes is something like a text before doing something that you know will mean no communication to make them happy. A simple 'Im in a meeting all afternoon' can save a lot of worry and stress.

This is fairly obvious, but i don't think people realise just how lucky we are to be able to communicate with the people that we love so easily. There are various types of ways to communicate and feel like someone is in the room. There's Skype, which is free and FaceTime if people have iPhones. There's also Viper (free phone calls) and Google Hangout. These are all pretty much the same, but it makes it so much easier to see someone in person sometimes and see emotions.

Something you could do whilst online is have a date! Each of you make dinner or grab some wine and arrange to meet online at a certain time.

Old School
As well as all the online ways, why not just stick to some Old School ways?! Some, I think, are much better. Send a letter or a package in the post, these both show the efforts and care you have put in and are a nice keepsake.

An example, if you know there is an event coming up or something they know that will stress them out, send them a package with happy notes and their favourite treats. It doesn't have to be expensive, but I'm sure it will brighten up their day.

Meeting up
When your long distance, it means that you will have something to look forward to when you arrange to see the other person. The excitement of a countdown and planning a few days together can be so much fun. This may be somewhere you've never been, so you get to explore somewhere new, meet new people and do lots of fun things!

Be sure to book transport early to get cheaper rates and do your research before you go so you aren't both spending your time looking for things to do when thats the time you could be doing them!

As much as you love spending time in your relationship, long distance gives you a chance to have some you-time. It helps you get on track with things and take up hobbies you may not have had time for, see people you may not of had time to see etc. Its a nice way to do some things for yourself!

Finally, a long distance relationship can be a test. And it can be a good one. It helps to see what keeps you together and if you are strong enough to make it last. It tests good communication, keeping trust and the list goes on.

If you can survive something like this with your love one, you are definitely heading in the right direction!

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