Thursday, 2 October 2014

Glamour X Gap

Last night I went to an event with Gap, in association with Glamour Magazine. So I hopped a train in the evening and headed over to Gap in Oxford street. The upstairs was closed off for the event and after following the music, I headed upstairs.

The event was chance to see some exclusive pieces for Gap. This Autumn and Winter they are going heavy on the knits, which are very well tailored and worth the price-tag as it would last all winter and still be in tact. My favourite was a grey knitted dress - look out for it in shops now! Most of the colours were neutral, which I think is nice in the Autumn/Winter to pair with deep reds and plum tones. 

Gap really caters to well fitting clothes and they offer free adjustments when buying their clothes! (This is generally in bigger stores) I think this extra touch is especially good for people that find it tough to find clothing such as jeans that are annoying to find the perfect fit because of being a little smaller, taller, bigger, smaller than the average!  (I speak from personal experience!) 

I also walked away with a goodie bag (and candy floss and maybe some champagne..) where there were some lovely little treats! The event was nice to see as Gap isn't normally somewhere I shop and it has made me think differently about going there for well tailored denim or good quality basics and a good price-tag.

In the goodie bag:
Press Juice (also at the event) this flavour: Ginger, lemon & pineapple

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