Saturday, 16 August 2014


I've thought a lot about posting this post, this was written around a year ago and only now and I chosen to press 'publish'.

I'm not tiny. But I'm not fat. Sure, I have 'fat days' - but that's when I've eaten double the amount of food and I just feel fat. The size zero argument has gone on forever, but what about people who are just skinny? ‘Normal’ skinny just because of their generic make-up? 

I just happen to be skinny, well, I also suffer from an illness, but I am skinny. I like to exercise for my health, but I also just like the feeling of exercise. I've never really be bothered about being skinny, I just happen to be. Yet I've been told; 'eat more', 'why are you so skinny?', 'oh, it's alright for some being that skinny' which really annoys and frustrates me. 

Like I mentioned, I have an illness. I have Crohn's disease which is an invisible illness that affects your weight, what you eat and many other factors. Anyone that saw me wouldn't know that I suffer from this illness and to me, when you tell me i'm skinny means that I look ill. Because that’s what it does to me. Something that people don't realise and isn't nice to be reminded of everyday. A lot of people do not take into account dietary requirements, illnesses, metabolism and/or genes for other people.

People get praised for being 'curvy' and happy in 'their own skin' but people that work hard to be healthy, to go to the gym to be strong and eat well and are skinny because of it, just get put down. It's not right. 

Next time you see someone that's skinny, or you see someone working out or just having a salad- just think, they may enjoy it.  In my case having bread in a restaurant is not an option, because I cannot eat wheat. People don't think of that- they assume I'm on a diet and I have recently had comments about this from people that I don't even know. I don't judge you if you're bigger than me, so long as you are happy.

Im not trying to have a go at anyone in this post, or tell people what to do, but please just think about skinny people and don't make it a negative thing. There are too many negative things in this world and people can be naturally skinny. 

Enjoy food, enjoy health, enjoy exercise. Be happy and love life! 

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