Saturday, 5 July 2014

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Wowee I can't get over how lovely and sunny this weather has been! I've been lugging my Mac outside everyday to blog and get things done as its horrible knowing that you have work to do, but it's glorious sunshine looking out the window.. this way I was lucky enough to combine both!

So the reason I haven't been blogging for the last few months is because i've been away. I have already mentioned it in my previous blog post, but I really can't stop natting on about it, as it was one of the best, if not the best experiences of my life! I visited Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Galapogus Islands (I know thats part of Ecuador, but feel its worth mentioning separately) and Mexico. I was so lucky to be able to experience some amazing sites, sounds, food and weather!

It's hard being back now and adjusting to the 'real world' and everything that comes with it.. I start work next week! But the good things about coming home are seeing family and friends, unlimited cups of tea again and my wardrobes feel like brand new clothes since I wore about 5 outfits for the last 4 months! That said, now that im back into working again, I feel like I need some officey type clothes. I'm one of those people that combines office with everyday clothes and don't dress super smart to work in an office enviroment, but I just steer away from shorter dresses and things like shorts if I know I will be in an office for the day. So I will be doing an 'offce clothes haul' type-thing next week. But for now, since im just getting back into my South-American-less lifestyle again and don't have too much to share, I will just round up by trip with a few snaps.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the sunshine!

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