Friday, 18 July 2014

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So when people talk about travelling (yes, I'm still going on about travelling.. I'm sorry, ill stop soon) you always hear comments about 'putting your life into perspective' and 'knowing your next steps' and most people come back with a sense of that, which is really great, but most of the time its a chance to be free and explore and have amazing adventures you will never forget.

But travelling did help me to figure a few things out, know where I want to go in life and just put things into perspective, and I just wanted to share with you 5 top things that I figured out that I want to carry forward since coming back and try to do these little things from now on and maybe, others can take some tips and do the same.

1. Do Everything! 
Seriously. Do everything and anything, try anything even if its just the once! Travelling opened me up to things I thought I would never do, things I would never try, but it was so fun to just take the leap! I swam with sharks and crawled through a working mine, and even though some experiences weren't 'fun' I learnt lots. Don't be afraid to try new and usual things, just go for it! Don't save things for a 'special occasion' because you could be waiting forever.

There are so many usual things to do, some crazy adventures and others can be as simple as doing something different in the evening after work. Trying new things and new experiences keep life fresh and exciting and you never know, you could discover a new hobby! Book up your diaries and have lots of things to look forward to!

2. Get Healthy
This isn't because I just finished a pack of chocolate buttons and am thinking of something naughty for dinner, but I want to aim to get healthy and stay in a healthy routine. Maybe ill blog about this more in another post, but I'm quite good at going to the gym, I'm just bad at the diet. Junk food is my weakness. I am going to make a conscious effort to go to the gym at least 3 times a week, drink lots of water and eat healthily. I have created a gym plan and I am finding Pinterest very useful for tips on snacks and meals as well as a few exercise ideas.

Life a healthy lifestyle and you will benefit more than you realise. For example, being hydrated can keep you more awake, alert and helps release bad toxins. Get drinking!

3. Make memories
Now, there's two sides to this really. Sadly, in the world we are living in, technology rules and you cant do almost anything in your daily life without it being snapped and shared. But this step is explaining that you need to have the balance - the balance between making and storing memories, taking photos, but also just sitting back and taking in moments without all the technology around. Whilst travelling, I wrote a journal and blogged about the journey here, which I thought was a nice place to store everything that I could look back for years to come.

I'm going to aim to have a good balance of just enjoying being in the moment without looking at it through the camera, as well as making sure I snap away so I can look at things later on and remember adventures!

4. Be grateful
When you go away, you start to find out the things that you miss. It can be the simplist of things like a cup of tea or Marmite, but I also found just having family around and friends there for you is something you find yourself thinking about. And that's what makes you grateful for what you have.

So I am trying to make an effort to not take things for granted. I went to place there were people a lot poorer than in England where I live and to remember how happy people were with a less money-driven lifestyle than me was very eye-opening. Don't take for granted the fact that you have your own room and don't have to share, you can drink tap water and use a dishwasher. Its little things in life you have to remember that we are very lucky to have, so I just want to always remember and never take things for granted.

5. Work, work, work!
Work Hard. Play Hard. Now that i'm back to reality with money a little sparse, i'm back to office life. Life can pass you by and now I am back, I want to work hard to achieve everything and anything I want to. This doesnt just have to be a job, it can be in the house, a personal hobby.. anything! Just don't give up and just do it all, because it will be so worth it.

Sorry for this little ramble, but hopefully there are a few tips that can help. And be sure to let me know any life tips to follow! Love your life!

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